Half a mile, uphill, in the …

January 17, 2007


The other day, Myowndaughter, every stinkin bit of 2, walked two of our three dogs half a mile, uphill.
She had Duke on her left and Tiger on her right, and their respective leashes in her corresonding hands, and kept these two bad boys in line for about 20 minutes. While wearing her winter mud-puddle splashing boots, no less, when the temperature was in the 70s.
I was in absolute awe.
I asked her, “want some help?”
We’d walk a while farther.
“Want to ride in the stroller now?” I’d brought it along knowing I’d employ it sooner or later.
When Mod says “no,” it’s usually just matter-of-fact. Short and sweet. Thanks for asking, but, no.
We walked down our street, turned left, walked up the big hill, turned right, walked past the construction workers framing houses and digging utility lines and back to the undeveloped lots. She wasn’t distracted, wasn’t tired, wasn’t intimidated. She was enjoying herself, without, apparently, giving it much though.
Later that day I drove the route, to get the mileage.
Half a mile, on her own, basically, controlling two large dogs known to bolt on occasion. She gets the toughness from her mom, definitely.
It’s amazing what kids will do.


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