If only it could be so

January 21, 2007

Tonight there’s a new moon in the sky, a tiny sliver of light, just a whisper of itself, perched above Venus.
I showed Myowndaughter the moon. This is a hobby of ours.
She looked intently for several seconds.
Then she took a few steps forward, toward the moon, as if it were right across the street.
The moon’s completing circumference could be seen in shadow.
Big! Daddy!
Yes, it is big.
Yes. It’s bigger than our house!
She studies it a few seconds longer.
‘Neenex, Daddy. ‘Neenex.
You want a Kleenex? … To wipe away the dark part?
Yes, Daddy.



  1. Oh…

  2. OK, Clinton–
    First of all, I’m honored that you chose to share this with me. Second of all, I’m so madly impressed! Your writing is beautiful–I get it all! You have an amazing way with the typed language. The whole blog thing is pretty new to me: David’s dad kept one as he bicycled across the country this last summer. Of course, it was linked to many others and I got lost many a time reading them all. David and I have both enjoyed the view of your wonderfully detailed account of life! Continue, please!

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