To sleep? Perchance! Dream on.

January 23, 2007

Time to ask for advice.

Myowndaughter doesn’t sleep. I’ve mentioned this before. The first few days of her life, when I visited her in the newborn nursery, her compadres would either be sound asleep or screaming their new little lungs to their limits. Myowndaughter, however, was wide awake, everytime, checking it all out, soaking it all in, probably wondering when the hell we were going going to spring her from the madhouse.

The first week after we brought her home, we put her in her crib and she slept. Six, maybe seven nights of sleep.

Since then, nada.

Not completamente nada, of course. But for the vast majority of nights since she was a few days old she’s thrown a fit going to sleep and/or awakened at least once during the night. Precious and few are the slumbering nights her Sexymom and I have shared.

I told Sexywife, as I mentioned here the other day, that I don’t want her to cry herself to sleep. A pediatric sleep specialist told me this was best. But he gave that advice when Mod was, oh, 9 monhts old, not 27 months old.

Sexywife has stayed in Mod’s room the past few nights until the whirling dervish finally gave out. But Mod woke up and came into our room twice, once around 11 and again around, oh, 2. I conducted my Tuesday morning meeting like it was midnight and I was still in my PJs. It was a short meeting.

This is an otherwise very healthy kid. She’s very active, eats normally, etc. She’s not an otherwise anxious child, either. She’s not going to freak out if she goes a day without Elmo, thank God! She still won’t take a nap on her own, that might be something. But she’s not like that rambunctious kid down the street who runs up to strangers and kisses their hands, and invites herself into our garage to play with Mod’s toys (another post). She doesn’t obsess over things, like categorizing all her stuffed animals by species, then size, color, continent of origin … umm — I don’t do that, either! … and she hasn’t started chopping their heads off (not that there’s anything wrong with that). She is letting loose her bonds with shyness. At night, though, I don’t think she’s being rebellious. She’ll start out dodging bedtime and acting like a hellion, but eventually she cries like she’s scared.

Is she?

So, what say ye?



  1. Have you heard of / tried this book? Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problems by Richard Ferber. It really improved life for a friend of mine. (I think this is the right book, I’ll double check).

  2. Yeah, Ferber’s the guy who was misquoted, for years, as saying parents should let their kids cry it out. Recently he corrected the misconception and said parents should do whatever works best. ??

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