Yes … no … no … maybe … no

January 25, 2007

One of the most amazing things about being a father is watching my kid do what I tell her to do.
I’m not management material. People look at me and they know this. I don’t know how.
But with Myowndaughter, I can tell her to put her sweater on, and she’ll actually do it! I’m just astounded!
Another absolutely amazing thing about being a father — Myowndaughter completely ignores what I tell her to do. It’s as though I’m not even there. I have to look around sometimes, make sure I am there, make sure my voice is audible. I’ll say it again, “put the blocks back in the box,” and nothing. She doesn’t even crack a smile. If I could do that at work …. There’s a whole consulting career behind that behavior.
I think what’s really amazing about both of these things is that I often can’t predict which version of my child I’m going to get — the attentive, obedient one or the one who’s thinking, “excuse me, you’re breating my air.”


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