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Science blogging conference today

January 20, 2007

This morning I’m attending the North Carolina Science Blogging Conference. There’s a lot happening in science blogging, and some of the big names in the blogosphere are going to be there, including Coturnix, and Anton and one other, whose name I’ve forgotten. They’ve pulled together a free conference with an impressive program.
Science blogging might be in my future. There have to be ways to get the cool science stuff to the masses without relying on the popular press, which have largely abandoned the field in favor of stories that are easier and faster to write, covered by reporters who don’t have to have special interest, and which are easier for account managers to sell to advertisers.
In my recent search for good science, this place, run by NYU grad students, is impressive, but most science posts seem to be driven by individuals who want to propel their fields.
I’ll give you a review of the conference later.